Jesus, Demons, Mediums, and the Afterlife

Validity of the
afterlife recordings

A Spirit Communication Proving Afterlife Communication

David Thompson
recordings: 2006

Reunions in the afterlife

Voices of people
in the afterlife

Why people in the
afterlife speak to us

Developing a
medium group

Afterlife messages about spirit and existence

Sound recording library of Leslie Flint seances

Christianity and Spiritual Growth

The Greater Reality


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Characteristics of the Afterlife

I recommend that you read Mike Tymn's description of the period after death to understand more about the fact that the transition from life to the afterlife is quite normal. Some people don't even know they've passed away. The link is http://metgat.zaadz.com/blog.

Leslie Flint is called a "direct-voice medium" because the voices heard came directly from the dead person, not through the medium's voice. Ample evidence from rigorous controls and testing leave no doubt that the recordings are of people who are not using bodies any more, but are more alive than people who are experiencing the limitations of a body.

You can learn more about Leslie Flint and purchase recordings of seances at http://www.leslieflint.com/. A collection of the recordings is available on this Web site at http://adcguides.com/librarynames.htm.

Before you listen to the recordings, read the constraints on how the voices were produced in the explanation of direct-voice mediumship. The explanation will appear in a new window.


Segments Available Now

  1. After-Death Communication from the Deceased's View

  2. Animals in the Afterlife

  3. Books Read Themselves to People

  4. Creating by Thought

  5. Difficulty in Using Words to Describe the Afterlife

  6. Difficulty Speakers Have in Speaking to Us from the Afterlife

  7. Eternal Life

  8. Experiences in the Period After Death

  9. Environment in the Afterlife

  10. Geography and Travel in the Afterlife

  11. Growing in Spiritual Maturity in the Afterlife

  12. Influence on Living People by Spirits

  13. Medium Communication from the Deceased's View

  14. Mentally impaired in the afterlife

  15. The Nature of Time

  16. NDE-Type Experiences at Death

  17. Occupations and Preoccupations

  18. Planes, Spheres, and Levels of Life in the Afterlife

  19. Power Required for the Direct-Voice Seance

  20. Religious Beliefs in the Afterlife

  21. Thoughts: the Universal Language in the Afterlife


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