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Reunions in the Afterlife

The Leslie Flint seance recordings contain the descriptions of a number of heartwarming reunions the newly graduated have had with family, friends, and animals. A selection of the reunions is contained in this section of the Web site.


The Transitioned Describe Their Reunions

Queen Alexandra of Denmark:
A Reception in Her Honor on the Other Side

Leslie Flint's seances include a wonderful talk by Queen Alexandra of Denmark, Queen Consort of Edward VII of England, who passed into spirit in 1925. The seance occurred in 1960. She describes the wonderful reception she received from her friends and loved ones on the other side.



George Wilmot: Greeted by an unusual loved one.

Leslie Flint's seances include an account by a man named George Wilmot of being greeted by a loved one on passing away. Click on one of the media links below to listen to his seance. The text of the seance is included so you can read it.



Alf Prichatt: Someone he forgot about welcomes him.

Alf Pritchatt was killed in battle in World War I. After he had accustomed himself to his new existence on the other side, he was surprised to meet someone he had forgotten about.



Mary Ivan: Reunited with her family

Mary Ivan is a thoroughly Scottish woman who died at a very early age. A sister, husband, and son had preceded her in death, leaving her with her mather. Her mother died a year after she did. She describes the reunion they all experienced on the other side of life.



Isaac Watson: Greeted by His Father

Isaac Watson had been in poor health all of his life and had an extended illness before his death. He reported in a Leslie Flint seance that he was very happy to leave the Earth. He saw someone approaching him with his hand out to great him and realized it was his father.



Sam Woods: Reunited with His Family

Sam Woods was bed-ridden for weeks before he passed away. When he awoke on the other side, he was greeted by his family. He was surprised when they told him to stand up because he still had the mindset of being bed-ridden. Click on one of the media links below to listen to his seance.



Sid Hopkins: Greeted by His Wife and Others

Sid Hopkins died from injuries he sustained after falling out of a tree. He awoke on the other side in the parlor of the home where he and his wife first lived as newlyweds where he saw his wife pouring him a cup of tea. He didn't remember, at first, that she had been dead for 12 years. After a while, someone enters the room whom he had forgotten about: his son who had died in infancy. Now, however, he was a healthy young man around 19 or 20. When his son takes him out into the garden, an old furry friend comes up to greet him.




Recording of a Living Woman Speaking
with Her Transitioned Loved One

A woman from England named Sarah was invited to visit David Thompson's Circle of the Silver Cord in early February 2007. As those assembled sat waiting, a whispered voice came through. The sitters asked whom the voice belonged to and he whispered "Nick." Immediately, Sarah realized that it was the spirit of the love of her life who had passed away five months earlier, in August, 2006. Nick and Sarah spoke for a few minutes and she felt him physically held her face in his hands. The audio and transcript of their loving communication are available for you to listen to and read.





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